I started this project because I really want a pet, and like some I am overwhelmed as to where to start the journey of starting. I wanted to create a product for a user that was better than the alternative ones out there. Don't get me wrong, those work too but being a visual designer, I felt they lacked the visuals and research that would really make their product better. PAWS is a work in progress, but the whole UX process for this open my eyes to not just seeing design as a visual. Design needs human interaction, and isn't just about designers making something visually beautiful. We are called to be problem solvers, researchers as well as designer. This project took 10 weeks to complete, and let's be honest, it really isn't done. It will require more user testing, interviews and designing. It is an endless loop that creates a better product, and this one only skims the surface of what it can be capable of.  

Click the link above to see how it works. 

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